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Ground peg S/M/LCross footing for outdoors Steel plate with aluminium bolt Steel plate with deluxe bolt for shock free turning in the wind
All-inclusive price: Incl. print and ground pegs for outdoor use
FlyingBanner Small
EUR 320.- (plus VAT)
FlyingBanner Medium
EUR 325.- (plus VAT)
FlyingBanner Large
EUR 377.- (plus VAT)

Price per set of 10:
Small     EUR 188.- (plus VAT)
Medium EUR 219.- (plus VAT)
Large     EUR 258.- (plus VAT)
Remarkably different
If inside or outside: The "Flying Banners" are special eye-catchers. Available in the sizes Small, Medium, Large with variable bottom attachment for secure hold.
For outdoors we have an optional steel plate or cross footing available. There are two different attachments for the steel plate available; the simple aluminium bolt and the stainless deluxe bolt. The stainless deluxe bolt is equipped with a high quality ball bearing which allows the system to turn smoothly in the wind.

New: FlyingBanner S/M/L for indoor usage with a small cross footing instead of ground pegs. Everything fits in one bag and the additional cost for the ground plate is voided.

Bigger series: price upon request.

Flying Banner S / M / L

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